Eskandalo! Style Shoot pt. 2

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Short mens cut, The Smiths

Short mens cut, The Smiths

Dark brunette, medium length bob haircut, Lady Gaga

Dark brunette, medium length bob haircut, Lady Gaga

Long brown hair, bangs, Led Zeppelin

Long brown hair, bangs, Led Zeppelin

Long teal hair, side braid, bangs, T. Rex

Long teal hair, side braid, bangs, T. Rex

Long brown hair, long layered haircut, Jet

Long brown hair, long layered haircut, Jet

Long blonde hair, natural highlights, head band, The Cars

Long blonde hair, natural highlights, head band, The Cars

Natural curly hair, blonde highlights, Whitney Houston

Natural curly hair, blonde highlights, Whitney Houston

Short mens cut, Black Flag

Short mens cut, Black Flag

Eskandalo! Style shoot

Thanks to Sabotta Imagery and Rachael Marks for helping us make this vision a reality! One thing we love is when YOU love your haircuts and colors! We do our best to make you feel amazing about your hair. You make us feel great by continuing to support us and all the other local businesses in the Southside! We <3 Bethlehem!


Yes we made it through another cold, icy winter! Hope you all had fun and did whatever winter things you love doing! Now that it’s getting warm out, we look forward to seeing you change up that hair!

Haircut and color by Ashley. Styling by Marybeth

  • Do you get the classic $15-20 short haircut at Eskandalo? That’s clippers and scissors/ razor. If so, come down for a punch card! Every 10th cut you get, you get one free!! Wowwww….*

Hair by Harley!

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Hair by Erin and Rabbit~Potion 9 LITE spray! Good for eveyone!

Hair by Rabbit!

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ash edit 5 ad 2She’s the shop’s assistant manager. Come check her out! ash edit 2 sm redoash edit 4 smash edit 9 sm med

Drug Store products vs. Professional

I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercials- a famous actress or singer with beautiful hair, holding up a box of hair color she bought at the drugstore, which she then went home and put on herself. She wholeheartedly convinces you this is the truth, and that she has been using this hair color her entire life. beyonceloreal Excerpt taken from Kim Kimble’s website, the celebrity hair stylist who does Beyonce’s hair- “Kim travels constantly with Beyonce and is always at her side taking responsibility for the superstar’s ever evolving gorgeous array of hairstyles that Beyonce showcases on Red Carpets, for movie roles and commercials, video and photo shoots and on tour.” Doubtful she’s buying drugstore hair color….. The other type of commercial we see is a vision of a woman with seemingly perfect, long, thick healthy hair. We are shown images of molecules and hair strands and told this shampoo, which costs $4, is going to leave your hair looking like this woman’s. Hallelujah- the most nutrient-rich shampoo only costs $4! Here is a link to a story about a Tresemme mishap- pic2-thumb Their ad- fullZZZZZZPRW050730163138PIC I worked as a hair stylist on sets of commercials, photoshoots and music videos for 5 years while living in Los Angeles. A hair commercial is high budget– VERY high budget. These companies pay BIG money for their advertising and only hire top of the line people to represent their products. So let’s start with the “hair model”. A hair model was born with extraordinary hair- like any model, they have something special. They have built a career on the fact that their tresses are long and beautiful and healthy. The shine is just right, the hair is strong and vibrant, the color is perfect. These women get paid for their work and can probably feed a third world country for a few years with the money she makes on one commercial. This woman makes bank and relies on her hair to do so. Now ask yourself- would a woman in this situation go out and use Suave or Pantene on her hair? The answer is a resounding NO! Of course not! Tresemme? Uh-UH! That would be a career ruiner. She’s using stuff us normal folk have probably never even heard of. Example of a hair model- hair model Moving on to celebrities hawking drug store hair color, we have to wonder- Beyonce, your hair is very long, and most likely (I do not have proof) NOT actually growing out of your head. What I’m saying here is that she invests thousands in her hair. Monthly. Do you really think she’s buying box dye at the grocery store and going home and coloring it in her bathroom? And washing it out with a bottle of $4 shampoo? Is this realistic? Famous people hire famous hairstylists to come to their hotel rooms, their dressing rooms, their homes, etc and pay them exorbitant amounts of money to maintain their multi-dimensional hair colors. They stop at nothing because they can afford it, their careers require it, and frankly, they deserve it. They are most certainly NOT using the products they so sincerely claim to be- they are sincerely making a TON of cash for making the commercial, so they better look believable or else! Now we get to discuss the hairstylists doing the actual hair on these commercials. A stylist working on a set has a kit filled with their most useful tools and products. They are hand picked by the stylist based on the results they have achieved while using them. What that means is they have a hodge-podge of their favorite products they bring on every shoot because they need to make sure they can handle anything with what they’ve got. Some stylists get flown all over the world doing hair for such shoots and actually purchase products from other countries to use because they have found them to be so useful. What I’m trying to say is, they ain’t using no $4 Fructisse hair spray on anyone like Heather Locklear or Milla Jojovavich. Not happening. Celebrity hairstylist, Orlando Pita. Last I checked he charges $800 for a haircut- bear_ilist_orlando_pita_h On the sets for these hair commercials, the spokesperson is not using the products, the hairstylist working on the commercial is not using the products. No one is using the products- just YOU. You’re going to Walmart and buying something based on absolutely nothing- an image, an idea, a cute catch phrase. Professional hair products bought in the salon are the only way to ensure you are getting the best for your hair. Do not let these commercials fool you! Go to your salon and spend the extra couple of bucks and get a professional shampoo and conditioner to start. Ask your stylist to help you pick out the right one for your hair type. Get your hair professionally colored! Feel the difference in your hair and thank yourself for being smart enough not to fall for some high powered advertising firm’s wily ways of fooling you into believing their catch phrases- because that’s all they are- catch phrases thought up by a person who makes money thinking up catch phrases. A product line you can trust- sebastianprofessionalkp -Alison Leigh Eskandalo Hair *


Had an amazing time!! THANK YOU to everyone who came out, everyone who supports our shop and the southside and local businesses everywhere. Onto year THREE!! Stay tuned for the slew of candid pics taken throughout the night![nggallery id=6]

More info about our PARTY!

Come to ESKANDALO’s 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY! To celebrate, we are throwing two parties at the same time! Across the street from Eskandalo, and next door to Eskandalo. These are those parties: At Sotto Santi we have the first ever southside ZOMBIE PROM! It is at a BAR so there will be booze there. You may be able to hang as an underager because it’s a restaurant as well, but the rules are you have to be at a booth with one person who is over 25. Can you dig that? Then come on down! And the earlier you get there the better 😉 DJ Brown Nick will be spinning punk rock of all kinds for prom dancing, and all will be fun and wonderful!! Get your face peeled off by TILE at around 10-ish! Yes! Find out who will be crowned the KING and QUEEN of the PROM! Will it be you?? Winners get some major gift certificates to Eskandalo and perhaps some other local businesses that are awesome. So get your date and some corsages together and show up! This maybe the coolest thing you will ever do. At The Secret Art Space will be a “Day of the Dead” or Dia De Los Muertos Art Show featuring a photo interpretation of it by Alison Leigh. If you are familiar with the ritual and want to be a part of it, bring a framed picture of a deceased loved one and add it to our ‘altar’ made of food for the dead, candles, flowers, and art, as well as music. It’s a celebration of the lives and after-lives of those who have moved on. It’s a NON -Drinking environment so all ages are welcome! Will be super fun I promise! There will be videos of GREAT bands playing some of my favorite songs on the wall so even just seeing that is going to be awesome– for ME at least!! The BEST PART~ At the S.A.S. there will be a photo booth. A cheesy-ass prom picture photo booth. It is going to be epic OK? I am trying to also set up a Day of the Dead photo booth next to it so you can get your pictures taken in both if you want! The pics will then be posted to our facebook page so you can have them to do with as you please. Should be totally amazing!! Got it? Any questions? $5 at EACH venue. You get- an art show, a rad band, a great fun DJ, cheap-ass drink and pizza specials, prizes, and an outdoor patio to smoke and drink on. You get prom pictures taken and a chance to witness FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC music vids hand picked by YOURS TRULY so you cannot go wrong! Get an outfit and get yourself down to this event! Buy art! Have fun! GO BAT S*#T CRAZY!! WE LUV YOU!! love, ESKANDALO!